Why is Visitorgen good for you?

Google’s ranking algorithm has undergone many changes over the years, but the key factors have not changed to this day. We’ll improve the statistical average of these factors for you, with organic clicks and organic traffic, which can be detected as real traffic in both Google Analytics and the Google Search Console.

In particular, we will improve the following metrics to improve your rankings:

  • Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on page

Fast and cost effective

You can get evident results after the first month. With the help of our unique campaign planner, you can create a campaign optimized for success in a few minutes, whether you are a knowledgeable professional or a lay user.

Plannable and customizable

Our system also gives you the most detailed setup options so you can get the most out of your campaigns. We have designed our user interface with the most user-friendly approach, so that we can provide a solution for the most diverse needs.

Ranking improvement and plus visitors

We have already successfully improved the rankings of many websites. Better ranking, more visitors, resulting in more conversions, and more profits for our partners. Now it's your turn to grow.

Why do you need this?

The importance of content quality or building relevant links is still not negligible, however, it is useless to write the best quality content if your visitors spend more time than your competition.

Let’s say the time it takes to read your article is 6 minutes, but on average, your visitors spend only 2 minutes on the site. This is an average length of stay. So there are those who spend 6 minutes on the website, but there are those who close it almost immediately. This is not necessarily your fault, as not everyone can benefit from the information on your website. However, this will cause your website to rank lower in the results list for that keyword, as the content is less relevant to the community. Visitorgen can change that, it will improve on exactly the average that no other SEO tool could have done so far.

Ranking improvement

Traffic growth

Brand building

Competition monitoring

How is Visitorgen different from
other traffic bots?

Unlike many of our competitors, we will start a Google search for the keywords you specify and click on the link found in the results list, and then simulate a user on your website within the time frame you specify by scrolling, moving the mouse, navigating through your website with internal links. you can specify your route. All of this is part of a per-minute service, so it will cost you exactly as much time as Visitorgen deals with your site, no more, no less.
That's why we're special!

  • Adsense and Adwords friendly (We don't click on paid ads)
  • Google Analytics and Search Console friendly
  • Up to a 20-minute session can be set up at no extra charge
  • You can choose from 59 country locations with 5400+ IP addresses
  • Start a real Google search instead of direct traffic
  • Bounce rate optimization
  • Intelligent traffic distribution optimized for ranking
  • Simulate scrolling, mouse movement, and clicking as you browse

How customizable?

Absolutely! You can set where to read, what device, what browser, what search engine, for how long. With fully customizable settings, you can precisely configure your campaigns to improve your placement for the right keywords in the right locations with the most accurate targeting. We leave the settings to you, without restrictions. The minute fee for the service will not be more expensive even if, for example, you want the Visitorgen bot to spend up to 20 minutes on your website instead of 3 minutes. We have tailored the options to you as we would like to use them comfortably and comfortably. We even use it!

Local SEO in 59 countries

You can conquer the hit list of 59 countries with our help. For example, if your business is limited to US, you can only request our service by visiting only from US.

5400+ IP

With an ever-expanding VPN network that spans the entire world, we can be wherever you want. Each of our simulated users will visit your website with a completely new and uniquely created profile. Each visit will be completely unique. A VPN like this is already widely used in home use. Their use is completely reliable!

Browsers, devices, search engines

You can choose which browsers, tools, and search engines Visitorgen uses to simulate traffic.

Real-time statistics

We provide accurate records of each process and achievement of Visitorgen, which you can track and even export in real time.

Our prices
for your success

$0.04 / minute
  • Unlimited number of projects
  • 20 campaigns per project
  • Unlimited keyword upload
  • Unlimited location setting
  • Unlimited traffic setting
  • Bounce rate setting
  • Direct / search ratio setting
  • Up to 20 minutes session
  • UTM parameterization
  • Unlimited setting options
  • Exportable real-time statistics
  • Cost calculator
  • Online 24/7 support

What do others deceive?

Don’t trust in seconds if you can get minutes for your money!

Sounds familiar when they promise 5-10 thousand real visitors for $ 10? Oh yeah ... Do you know what you get for that money? Visitors redirected from video, music, or online game collections who are required to open your website so that they can then access content that interests them. I think you’ve met one before and like them, you’ve closed the page in seconds. In this case, you pay for the average time spent on your own website to deteriorate due to the little time spent on the page already described above. This would only degrade your own ranking and the results you have built up so far.

We don't think that's what you're looking for. Choose quality service to get real results for your money!

Download our detailed brief

Now you understand why Visitorgen works differently than other programs that promise a similar service and why it can deliver real results.

The results of
our managed campaigns

Do you want to achieve better results than our customers?

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Our concrete results
in some examples

The statistics of our partners presents well what Visitorgen is capable of in real life.

How long do you need
to use Visitorgen?

It totally depends on your usage purposes and the habits of your visitors. Once you've reached the appropriate position in the results list for a particular keyword, you can stop using it and see if the average time on your page deteriorates. If so, you may have to assume that you either need to improve the content of your page or rethink whether you are building your content for the right audience, or you may be setting your search keywords incorrectly. Of course, by using Visitorgen continuously, you can keep your website afloat in this case as well, but we recommend that you do not neglect traditional SEO tools, in addition to using Visitorgen, you also deal with high quality and unique content and good quality link building to get the most out of your website.